How to grow your business using technology especially the Internet

Now a days everything is digital even businesses , using technology especially the Internet for business is productive and could make you more successful. today I am going to tell you some best ways to use the Internet for your local business.

Use of Google for Our Business – Google Business

Google has many benefits for our business: The most important of these is Google Business. Google Business is a service that allows customers to easily access their Google account. Businesses can enter their full address, type of work, images, etc. You can also place them on Google Maps for easy access to get organization’s location. It also has a post where you can report new things.

It also helps businesses find suppliers, service providers, and customers.

You can view it here:

business over internet

Facebook and Business

More than Seven million Ethiopians use Facebook. Facebook can easily be used to grow a business, so increasing the number of users in Ethiopia is a good opportunity for businesses.

Ways to use Facebook for business:

  • Creating our organization or Facebook page
  • Invite our friends and their friends, friends of their friends, etc. to follow our page
  • Posting our company’s products, news, new opportunities, etc. regularly
  • Important response to incoming comments, messages, etc.
  • Post, share and share content (news, photos, videos) not directly related to our business
  • Don’t post controversial, unconfirmed news, etc. on our site
  • Blocking someone who writes non-existent or violating comments
  • Strengthen security, prevent posting without the admin approval
  • Not to share our personal life on our business page
  • On the contrary, we share what we post on our business page on our personal page
  • Post our business phone number on our page
  • Join Buy Sell Groups and share our product or service
  • What we name to our Facebook page should be the name of our business or product
  • Avoid spelling mistakes when writing, writing in plain language
  • It would be better if the articles we post have an image, so always share an accurate and unobtrusive image
  • If you have a copyrighted image or text from another source, please refer to the source
  • Posting, sharing videos of our products or services regularly

For more:

LinkedIn and Business

LinkedIn is a Microsoft-owned social networking site for businesses, professionals, job seekers and employers.

There is no charge for membership. But if you want to upgrade your membership to a premium and want to advertise, you will have to pay a fee. All of the services listed below are free.

How can businesses use LinkedIn?

  • Make business owners and employees have a LinkedIn profile.
  • Creating a separate page for the business
  • Regularly post about business services, products, events, updates. All postings must be written in good language (in English or Amharic).
  • Business owners and employees connect with other people and increase connections
  • Invite these links to follow the business page; LinkedIn offers up to 100 credits per month and allows you to invite our contacts. If the invited links follow our page, the credit will be returned to us without burning.

LinkedIn is available online or on mobile apps (both Android and iOS). Let’s use LinkedIn as soon as possible. It helps us grow our business and create a network. This is , just enter your phone number or email address to register!

Telegram and Business

Telegram is the most popular Instant Messaging app in our country. One of the reasons it is popular is because it can be used with less data. You can connect the Telegram to your phone or account and use it on your computer.

Telegram is especially popular in our country as it is more popular than other Instant Messaging apps. Businesses can use it in these ways

◉ By creating a telegram channel- Anyone with a Telegram account can create a channel. It can also subscribe to the first 200 followers without any restrictions. You can send more than 200 messages to your contacts and invite them to become subscribers. The important thing is not only to create a channel, but also to promote it to its followers by regularly posting its services or products. If you have a favorite product or service and the presentation is interesting, it will easily have a lot of followers.

◉ By creating a Telegram chat group- This differs from the channel in that its members can chat and have someone else join the group. Group admins should monitor and ensure that inappropriate content is not posted.

◉Telegram bot- Telegram bot is a telegram account with software and artificial intelligence features; you can integrate the site with our channel or chat group to perform various tasks.

Telegram is an easy way to promote your business, so go to and start using it.

How can we use email for business?

Nowadays, messages can be exchanged via Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Wichita, etc. However, email is important for business and is a more formal messaging method than sending messages via the Internet. It is very important to be able to exchange e-mails, especially when working with international organizations (auction and import / export business).

Some things about email usage:-

If your email address is through your organization’s website or contains your full name or full name of your organization, then your organization has a professional email address.

When sending an email message, the message must contain a quality email signature. If there are attachments to the email, the messages should be written on a piece of paper with the logo and address of the sending company and include a signature and stamp.

Email signature must include: Sender’s name, job title, company name and address, telephone (office and personal or mobile), email address and company website (if any

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