HST’s Young Leaders Talent Development Program

Launch Your Career with HST’s Young Leaders Talent Development Program

Shape your future with our comprehensive program designed to equip you with essential skills for the modern workplace.

HST, a leading knowledge company serving diverse industries, is excited to announce its recruitment drive for the HST Young Leaders Professional Development Program.

Our mission at HST is to empower clients by providing tailored solutions to their growth, operational, financial, and compliance challenges within the local context. Backed by an exceptional team of multidisciplinary experts in strategy, human capital, audit, technology, tax, outsourcing, and education, HST leverages cutting- edge knowledge and technology to deliver impactful solutions.

Position: Young Leaders Talent Development Program

Admission Criteria for the Programs

Educational Background

  • Non-accounting and Finance College/University Graduates from any field including natural sciences.
  • High School Graduates with a strong foundation in English communication and numeric skills.
  • Experience: No prior work experience is necessary
  • Learning Aptitude: Candidates must display a keen desire and ability to learn, curiosity, and a growth mindset.
  • Motivation and Passion: We seek candidates genuinely eager to forge a new career path in accounting and finance without hesitation to shift from their previous field of study.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills are essential.
  • Laptop- Candidates should have their own laptop (with adequate capability in hardware and software) and preferably WiFi access at home.
  • Accommodation & basic necessities- Candidates should have their own accommodation and basic necessities (food and and others) as they will be provided with only transport allowance until they are accepted for recruitment. As a result, they should be residents of Addis Ababa and nearby towns or someone who has close relative to provide him/her with the accommodation and necessities for at least 6-18 months. 

Who We Are Looking For:   

Are you someone who is eager to embark on a journey
of professional growth in accounting and finance? HST is inviting individuals with non- accounting/finance academic background to join its Skill Academy and acquire the applied technical and soft skills that will make them highly valued accounting workers both in the private and public sector.

About the HST Young Finance Leaders Talent Development Program:

The Program has two components: a rigorous Accounting Technician training of 12 – 15 months and a supplementary three-month soft skills training.

Accounting Technician (AT) Training

This program is tailored for those aspiring to excel in the Accounting and Finance domain. The program equips the individual with foundational competencies in technical accounting and finance covering 10 courses in accounting, audit and Ethiopian taxation, with public finance perspective. Those who successfully complete the program are expected to have the capacity to handle basic accounting and finance functions in any private or public organization with ease.

The courses are provided on-line, supplemented with face-to-face trainings. Those who successfully complete four courses (Bookkeeping 1&2, Financial Accounting and Audit) and pass the assessment exams are immediately considered for recruitment in different Strategic Business Units of HST.

Soft skills Training

Candidates who successfully complete the HST AT program will continue to take up to 3 months soft skills trainings on topics like communication skills and work ethics which are critical for success in practical world of work. These trainings are also provided on-line, supplemented with face-to-face trainings.

Deadline: July 25, 2024

How To Apply:

Application Submission:

Qualified applicants should submit their applications and credentials by clicking the button here, no later than July 25, 2024.

Join HST in shaping your professional journey and unlocking your potential. Together, we will pave the way for a brighter, skilled workforce ready to tackle today’s dynamic challenges.

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