How to Work International Online Jobs from Ethiopia

Some of you sit down at home and use Internet using computer and smart phones for only social media surfing or finding information. However, some peoples ask us if there is any work to do online and earn some revenue.

With the advancement of technology, many works has become online. People sit at home with computers and Internet and earn a lot of money by doing various jobs for different international companies.

Online jobs are becoming more and more common. Some of this works do not require much thought or skill such as writing, editing, transcribing books, copying audio to text, etc., are widely available online jobs.

Here are 4 easy online jobs from the ocean of jobs you can do online if you want to make a good living by doing online jobs.

  1. Copy and Editing Jobs

This is a great job if you have a good knowledge of English language. you may not be fluent as native speakers but you can participate if you have basic knowledge in the four language skill sets. Currently there are many online jobs in this field.

The work in this field will give you a variety of articles. Then you will correct words spelling in the articles. Spelling correction means correcting words if they have spelling errors.

You will be asked to edit websites, books, magazines, etc…
I think it’s a good job. If you want such an online jobs you can find many jobs by searching “copy editor online jobs” on google.

  1. Transcriber Jobs

This online work gives you a recorded voice. You will translate it into text while listening to the voice. For example, translate a speech in French into English. I think this is a good job, especially if you speak or know English and French languages.

The recorded voice could be a speech, a meeting, a video conference, or a lecture.
Before Google start service in one of Ethiopian language oromiffa, it gives Transcriber job to the native speakers. An Addis Ababa University lecture who I knew made a lot of money by doing this work. The hourly rate was one birr per word.

Other languages are similarly studied by the speakers themselves on Google. You can find many jobs by browsing Online Transcriber Jobs through google.

  1. Data Entry Jobs

This online job is to record different types of data. For example, it could mean importing or recording large amounts of school or hospital data into Excel.

I think this is a good job, especially for those of you who have the patience to sit down and work.You only need the Internet and a computer to do such work online.

4. Voice Over Jobs

voice overs needed to record voice-overs for videos, products, TV commercials, audio books or radio broadcasting, etc..

A VO expert would also may have to write content for recording sessions as per the product requirement. is one of the website which brings such vo online jobs.

It is essential for artists to have a basic knowledge about using recording softwares, as well as the ability to edit video files when required.

online jobs

If you are looking for many other online jobs besides the jobs I described above,search in google you will find them.

You can participate in any of the above and other online activities by Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Appen, etc…

This are some of online jobs in the internet, there are plenty of tasks you can do to get money. Specially if you have good skills like graphics design, website design and development, app development for both android and ios, desktop software design and development and photoshop, you will get decent amount of income from online job offering websites.

If you want to look other full time jobs visit here.

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