Basic things to consider before buying a new laptop

Are you planning to buy a laptop ?
If you are thinking of buying a new laptop but you are confused about what type of laptop to buy, then you can depend on this advice.

Important things to consider before buying a new laptop

There are basically two types of laptops!
Laptops Works on Windows OS or laptops works On Mac OS (for Apple only)
N.B. Kali linux, ubuntu,AIX etc … if we have a custom OS that we install on our own, we will not be able to find those laptops on the market.

List of Laptops running on Windows OS are Hp,Dell,Accer,Asus,LG,SONY. etc; On Mac OS (for Apple only) Macbook Pro,Macbook Air,Macbook Retina

A list of Things to look for when buying a new computer or Laptop

1. RAM (Random Access Memory)
RAM is where the application or System Process you are currently using is stored.
To open multiple applications at once, it is recommended that your computer have a lot of RAM.

Although Windows 10 requires a minimum of 32 bit 1GB and 64 bit 2GB (macOS minimum 2GB), this RAM is not enough to run our business efficiently.
Therefore, when buying a new computer, it is recommended that it would have 8 GB or more RAM.

2. Processor
Cori 3 chips: This processor is low power and inexpensive.
Cori 5 chips: This is affordable and perforance.
If you want an affordable and fast computer, choose this one.
Cori i7: If you want to buy the best computer without worrying about money, don’t choose below Cori i7.

3. Storage

There are currently two types of computer storage: HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD (solid state drive).
HDDs use flash memory when using fast rotating magnetic disks (Platters) to store data.
Computers with an SSD have a much faster read and write rate than computers with an HDD.
SSDs are lighter, cooler, quiter, more efficient and harder to damage because they have no moving part.

4. Screen size
We usually choose the size of the screen when we buy Laptoo.
Laptops are 11-17 inch in size.
If you are using multiple window bands at once, it would be great if you could buy a large screen Laptop.However, large-screen laptops are difficult to move around and have a small battery life.

Portability and battery life on the desktop is not a problem but many people choose 24-inch or more Monitor.

5. Resolution
Resolution depends on your choice and money.
Regardless of the type, the display quality of the screen is determined by its Resolution.
Most laptops come in 720p resolution for small display size. Top laptops are Ultra HD / 4K display But they are very expensive.

6. Operating Syatem
Windows is a Operating System that is often used in the workplace and by many people.
If you buy an Apple computer, you will use a Mac Operating System.

7. Generation
There are money generation of computers, You need to know that the latest generation is always efficient and powerful. this arethe latest generation of computers 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th…

8. Graphics Card
Graphics Card is a Hardware Device that uses a math formula that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your photo and video-related objects.

Choose a single, high-powered graphics card that will be useful for 3D software on your computer, such as AutoCad type and games.
When you buy a computer, buy an external hard drive together to back up your data.

9. Battery life
Battery is recommended to last at least 4 hours There are different battery types

  • 10,000 mAh
  • 20,000 mAh
  • 30,000 mAh

10. Size and Weight
There are different sizes when we consider buying new laptop. It doesn’t matter to choose any size, but 12-inch sized laptop are easy to move from place to place. so you can Select Screen size 12 or below

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