How to Apply On Addis International Bank Job Portal

Welcome to the ADIB Portal System!

Our priority is to ensure the security and seamless experience of our users. Below is a comprehensive guide to the registration and application process:

Step 1: Registration

New User: Click on the “Register” button to start the account creation process.

  • Enter all required personal information accurately.
  • Create a security question for password recovery.
  • Set up a strong password following security guidelines.
  • Remember your answers to all 3 security questions for password recovery.
  • You will see a success message at the top.

Existing User: If you already have an account, simply log in with your secure credentials to expedite the application process.

Step 2: Educational Background

After Registration, go to the “Education” tab.

  • Provide detailed information about your educational background.
  • Add any additional certifications or qualifications relevant to the vacancy.
  • After successfully filling in the educational background, you will find the “Next” button.
  • Click “Next” to proceed.

Step 3: Experience Page

On the “Experience” tab, carefully fill in your work experience details, starting from the most recent.

  • If applicable, upload relevant documents such as certificates or recommendation letters.
  • Click “Next” to proceed.

Step 4: Upload Documents (if applicable)

If you have documents related to your experience, securely upload them on the designated page.

  • Ensure all uploaded files are encrypted and comply with security standards.
  • Click “Next” to proceed.

Step 5: Vacancy Application

Select the specific vacancy you are interested in and click “View Detail.”

  • Choose your preferred location for the vacancy.
  • If you already have an account, your details will be pre-filled for security and accuracy.
  • Click the “Apply” button to express your interest.

Step 6: Application Review

Review your personal information before submitting your application.

  • Use the “Edit Information” button for any necessary updates.
  • Ensure the “Agreed to the information” button is checked.
  • Confirm your identity through a secure authentication method

Step 7: Confirmation

Upon successful submission, you will see a success message. You can check the applied job list by navigating to it.

A confirmation message will be displayed, ensuring your application has been securely submitted.

Please note that our system employs advanced encryption techniques to protect your data throughout the process. If your work experience or educational qualifications do not meet the requirements of the currently posted vacancy, the system will not process your application. Thank you for choosing the ADIB Portal System for your career aspirations!

Addis International Bank Vacancy 2024

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