Gadaa Bank SC Call for Interview For Trainee Banker

Gadaa Bank SC Call for Interview For Trainee Banker Position.

Dear Applicants,

Thank you for interesting to join Gadaa Bank. We are pleased to invite you for an interview session to be conducted on Friday and Saturday, July 21-22, 2023 starting at 02:00 local time at Gadaa Bank Head Office as per specified date and time.

• N.B. Candidates are strictly advised to bring their original documents when they come for the interview session.

በገዳ ባንክ ለመቀጠር ላሳዩት ፍላጎት እናመሰግናለን፡፡ ሐምሌ 14 እና 15 ቀን 2015 ከጠዋቱ 02፡00 ጀምሮ በገዳ ባንክ ዋና መ/ቤት ለሚደረገው የቃለ መጠይቅ እንዲገኙ እናሳውቃለን፡፡

● ማሳሰብያ፤ እጩዎች ለቃለ መጠይቁ ሲመጡ ዋናውን ትምርት ማስረጃ ይዘው እንዲመጡ በጥብቅ እናሳስባለን᎓᎓

Note that:

  • You are required to bring your ID card
  • Original document verification regarding to CGPA, year of graduation, age and others will be done before interview sitting.
  • Mobile phone is strictly prohibited; anyone who brings his/her mobile phone will be excluded from the exam.
  • Save yourself from any fraud.

Please check your name in the list of applicants to seat for the written exam and place of the exam using the following images:

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