Gadaa Bank Result For IT Trainee

Gadaa Bank Notification To communicate interview result and call for internal written exam of IT Trainee position.

Dear IT Trainee Candidates

This is to inform you of your interview result has been invited for internal written exam.

Thank you for your interest in joining Gadaa Bank.

It is recalled that interview exam was conducted for IT Trainee on October 18, 2023 to October 20, 2023 at Gadaa Bank Head Office. Therefore, this is to inform you that candidate scored 50% and above interview result has been invited for internal written exam which shall be conducted on October 30, 2023 at 3:00 local time at Rift Valley Head Quarter-In front of Gadaa Bank HQ.

  • N.B. Candidates are strictly advised to bring their ID card when they come for the written exam

Please check your name in the list in the belows Gada Bank Result Document Link:


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