Fortune Alliance Trading Vacancy 2024

Joining the Fortune Alliance Trading Company means becoming part of a dynamic team in a competitive industry, ever-evolving and adapting to changing client needs, market trends and technology, we believe in making a meaningful impact that is valued by our teams.

We are the foremost real estate marketing and investment consulting company in Ethiopia. We believe in representing the society professionally and charming social responsibility. Our orientation is working with highly talented and experienced professionals who seek embarking their career development.

Level Up Your Real Estate Game

Real Estate Sales Training at Fortune Alliance Real Estate Sales Training Institute!

Calling news!

Want to turn your passion for real estate into a killer career? The Fortune Alliance Real Estate Sales Training Institute isn’t your average sales training program. We’re talking cutting-edge data strategies and client-focused magic to make you a real estate rock-star. ✨

Position: Real Estate Sales Trainees

Job Requirements

  • Open to All Qualified Graduates: We welcome applications from recent graduates (2022/23 & recent) with degrees in Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Technology Management, Sales & Marketing or Informatics
  • No prior sales experience? No problem! We’ll get you there
  • Fast-paced program: Learn the ropes in just 72 hours. ⏳ (More time to close deals!)

Deadline: May 17, 2024

How to Apply:

Ready to join the program? Here’s how:

  • Shoot your resume and a quick “why real estate?” email to:
  • Or, swing by the Fortune Alliance office (22 Haile Gebereselasie Ave, Comet Building, 3rd Floor, Suite 305) and chat with us!

Registration opens May 5th and closes May 12th, 2024. 

         Don’t miss out! ⏰

P.S. There are some fees involved, but trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Become a real estate leader. Sign up today!
For further info: 0960999997

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