Dafa Soap and Detergent Manufacturing Vacancy

Dafa Soap and Detergent Manufacturing PLC invites fresh graduates for the following job positions.

Dafa Soap And Detergent Manufacturing PLC is a medium-scale manufacturer of Synthetic detergent powder, under two well-accepted brands, SUPPOW& AZZY.

The first investment STPP Group has made out of China. It’s the first attempt by STPP Group to go global, and more, to go downstream. The DAFA Company manufactures and distributes washing powder and various liquid detergents. Its two brands, SUPPOW and AZZY, are well appreciated by local consumers, taking over a 25% market share soon after launching. The company also serves as a service center of STPP Group to its customers in Pan-Africa region.

Position: Quality Control Assistant


  • BA Degree in Chemistry, Applied chemistry and associate fields
  • A fine attention to detail
  • Effective problem-solving skills
  • hysical endurance and the ability to stand for long periods of  time
  • Preferred:
  • An understanding of all federal, state and local standards
  • An ability to work well as part of a team or when working alone
  • Basic computer skills, good communication skills and English language is mandatory

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze nearly finished product samples daily for quality, durability, safety and known product specifications before the final stage of production.
  • Evaluate the materials routinely used during production, the work environment and components during production by running specific tests of quality.
  • Seek answers and information regarding customer or in-house problems with product quality or performance by investigating all parts of the production process.
  • Document quality assurance practices by entering data into logbooks, noting information in computer databases and recording all inventory and actions.
  • Ensure that during all parts of the production schedule that the product meets all guidelines related to federal, state and local regulations that pertain to the industry.
  • Communicate with management and other team members when problems arise and offer possible solutions to help correct any mistakes during manufacturing.
  • Assess quality assurance strategies periodically to determine best practices and improvements that could lead to fewer problems and interruptions in the production schedule.

 Location: Jemo 3 behind the rail way station 

Deadline: Apr 10, 2023

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified applicants can Submit your CV at dafa.intl.eth@gmail.com

N.B refer the position title and in the subject line

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