Cooperative Bank of Oromia Vacancy 2023

Cooperative Bank of Oromia is proud to be a home to more than 10 million customers worldwide offering Retail, Cooperative, Institutional and Diaspora, IFB banking services with a vision of becoming the leading private bank in Ethiopia by 2025.

The Bank has broad ownership base and diversified ownership structure. It comprises Cooperatives and Non-Cooperative members. Cooperative member includes Primary Cooperatives, Cooperative Unions and Cooperatives Federation whereas, non-Cooperative members includes Organizations, Associations and individuals.

The Coopbank is now one of the most profitable banks in Ethiopia having a total asset value of more than ETB 139.56 billion. The bank has 738+ branch networks, 11.2 million account holders, and more than 11,500 employees.

Position: Corporate Customer Relationship Manager

Educational Background: BA, Degree in Economics, Accounting, Management, and other Business-related fields.

Experience:  Minimum of Seven years relevant Banking experience;

Language: Proven proficiency of Listening, Speaking and Writing Afan Oromo, Amharic and English are Mandatory.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruits potential individual, institutions, and employees of institutions, retain existing ones and establish strong business relationship with them;
  • Advises customers on nature, type, eligibility, etc. of credit facilities provided by the Bank;
  • Conducts visit to customers’ business and responsible for due diligence report preparation and assessment;
  • Protecting the Bank from establishing inappropriate relationships with non-beneficial customers.
  • Identification of the borrower’s, credit worthiness, capacity, capital, collateral, character, legality and willingness to repay the loan.
  • Recommends on loan requests of the customers and presents it to credit committee deliberation for final approval;
  • Takes part on Credit Approving Committee meetings as resource person;
  • Ensures the end use of the loan granted only for the purpose specified
  • Conducts regular loan follow-up on a case-by-case basis and identify early warning signals.
  • Prepares and sends periodic loan reports to Credit Portfolio and Loan Recovery Management Team;
  • Proposes workout strategies on irregular loans before they become non-performing for further remedial actions including legal actions;
  • Ensures reminders are timely served by the lending branch to customers as per the procedure when loans fall in arrears.
  • Periodically check and review loan and mortgage contracts and loan documentation;
  • Forwards problem loans to Loan Recovery Team when the financial situation of a borrower shows serious signs of deterioration;
  • Ensures discrepancies obtained from audit findings are rectified timely and properly;
  • Ensures credit facilities availed to exporters are settled in foreign currency and productivity of loans in this sector are to the satisfaction of the bank;
  • Ensure that resource mobilization of the bank is augmented by customers of each segment and works hard for the realization of exploitation of the maximum resource that can be obtained from the customers and their affiliates; and
  • Performs other duties as deemed necessary
  • Remuneration: As per the Bank’s salary scale and benefit scheme.
  • Terms of employment: Permanent after probationary period.
  • Registration Deadline: August 07 , 2023

How to Apply:

Interested applicants who fulfill the above criteria Should submit their soft copies of CV with the application letter, education credentials and experience letter; including soft copy of grade 8 ministry certificate and other supportive documents together with their CV. Applicants should apply within seven consecutive working days from the date of announcement.

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