Coca Cola Job Vacancy 2023

An exciting vacant position has arisen at East Africa Bottling Share Company for the role of Team Leader-Distribution and Settlement Team Leader. East Africa Bottling Share Company ( EABSC) works with the world’s most cherished trademark; invests in the most sophisticated production system in the world and employs people who are prepared to work with passion and focus.

At Coca-Cola Beverages Africa we are proud to celebrate diversity and we strive to achieve an equal opportunity workplace by being cognisant of affirmative action requirements. It is our policy to be mindful and compliant with all our regional requirements and national laws for those regions.

Position 1: Line Process Engineer

Skills, Experience & Education:
  • First Degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Electrical Engineering or related field of studies with a minimum of 1 year relevant experience.

This position is structured to report to the respective Production team leader and aimed at operating new high technology lines.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Detect problems with machinery.

2. Lubricate key components of machinery.

3. Inspect and Maintain cleanliness of machinery and work environment.

4. Ensure that all machine components are tightened properly.

5. Restore or improve the machine/equipment to eliminate faults.

6. Comply with all relevant SHEQ legislation & procedures. 

7. Identify unsafe conditions & work practices and action.

Location: Sebeta

Position 2: Legal Affairs Officer

Skills, Experience & Education:

First Degree in Law(LL.B) with a minimum of 3 years experience on corporate legal matters such as tax, company law, labour law and industrial relations  with hands of experiance on court practices and representations 

 The role will report to Legal Councel and Public Affairs Director. 

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  1. Pre-emptive and pro-active legal counselling
  2. Contract Management
  3. Function Support

Location: Addis Ababa

Position 3: Line Electrician

Skills, Experience & Education:

Diploma (10+3/Level IV) in Electrical Engineering/Electricity/ Industrial machine drive or related field of studies with a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in a manufacturing environment

The position is responsible for ensuring the safe and uninterrupted operation of the production Electrical equipment through regular planned maintenance of equipment, to plan and executing Electrical projects that will increase the productivity of the company according to EABSC’s engineering standards and ensuring minimum down-time (maximum availability) of production line equipment and machines.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Perform routine checklist and report all abnormalities to maintenance Controller
  • Maintenance and repairs carried out as per works order
  • Meet all the quality requirements. 
  • Failures/ problems/ deviations investigated and root causes identified, verified, and corrective action taken according to procedures
  • Spares and tools obtained using the appropriate systems as per work instruction
  • Breakdowns repaired with the minimum production downtime.
  • Understand which parts of the machinery needs particular attention
  • Constantly assess equipment operation in order to detect in advance any potential break-downs
  • Avoid waste and reduce the time taken to find tools and spare parts
  • Predict breakdowns and carry out improvements to reduce these
  • Operator-controlled system and process issues identified
  • Operators coached and trained to perform activities (within their scope of expertise) to ensure proper asset care]

Location: Addis Ababa

Position 4: Warehouse Unit Leader – Returnable Container

Skills, Experience & Education:
  • First Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Accounting and Finance, Management, Business Management, or related fields.
  • A minimum of 5 years relevant logistics experience
  • Minimum of 2 years of supervisory experience
  • Knowledge of logistics operations in FMCG organizations
  • Experience in logistics and business software systems(ERP)
  • Strong analytical and problem solving ability 

The primary role of the Warehouse Unit Leader-Returnable Container is managing the entire glass float at the plant, Depots, Customers and the market; Create visibility to all stakeholders on glass holding, glass float and any activities that changes the status.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Develop an effective Returnable Container Management strategy based on diagnosis, analysis, insight, expertise and official distributor principles.
  • Develop plans to optimise the operation by aligning resources to activity levels and meeting customer service needs to improve the overall returnable container tracking performance.
  • Management of New Glass injection and liaison with Sales and Production team.
  • To ensure the continuous modelling of operational performance to meet optimal customer service and cost objectives.

Location: Addis Ababa

Position 5: Production Team Leader

Skills, Experience & Education:

First Degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in manufacturing environment.

The position is structured to report to the respective Unit Manager and will be  responsible to lead the SBU in the execution of the production plan, ensuring that the product meets all quality specifications, asset care through autonomous maintenance tasks, and the resolution of production problems.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Coach team members in the correct execution of their tasks (operational and technical).
  • Communicates work practice deployment plans and ensures team buy-in.
  • Ensuring that team members understand and adhere to the operational, quality and process standards, work instructions and maintenance schedules, work practice deployment plans and performance target.
  • Check that the team members, carry out required autonomous maintenance tasks and any required running repairs on shift in accordance with work instructions and maintenance schedules.
  • Ensure that the team members understand and adhere to quality standards.
  • Communicate team goals and regularly review to ensure team alignment.
  • Coach and support team members in using the correct problem-solving techniques (such as 5Why, quick fix, OPL’s etc.) to solve situational problems.
  • Ensure that SIC mechanisms are in place to track and monitor waste (e.g. mass balance).

Location: Addis Ababa

Closing Date: 2023/09/15

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can apply online by using the below coca cola company E-Recruitment website.

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