Abyssinia Bank Vacancy Bank Trainee


Bank of Abyssinia has new vacancies in various parts of the country.

A few things about the temporary status of the bank

Ethio-Telecom and Abyssinia Bank have announced the launch of the new Ethio-Telecom Tele Birr service to deposit money into Tele Birr accounts at all branches of the bank.

The service is
1- Whether you are a customer of our bank or not, any individual can use the windows of our bank branch to deposit money into your already opened Teleber account or from your account to your Teleber account.

2- If you are a customer of our bank, you can easily transfer money from your account to Teleber.

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Bank of Abyssinia have the first virtual banking center in Ethiopia

Introduced by Abyssinia bank in Ethiopia for the first time, the center will take the banking system to the next level and introduce a new Customer Experience to its customers.

The center is equipped with the latest Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) technology for our country; Many of the services provided by a bank branch are linked to our bank’s customer service center, where users can receive special services 24 hours a day from Sunday to Sunday.

Bank Trainee

Job category: Banking operation
0 Years / No work experience /Fresh Graduates/
Qualification : BA Degree in Accounting, Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Economics or other business related fields.
Place of work: All Districts

Read the vacancy announcement very carefully.
Check the requirement of the vacancy from the details with eligibility.

Applicants should attach the following documents:-

  • 8th Grade Certificate and Kebele ID,
  • Degree with CGPA (Student Copy),
  • Cost Sharing Documents,


  • In person or postal application is not acceptable,
  • Ineligible/Unqualified applicants will be automatically rejected,
  • Applicants who have applied on more than one position will be automatically disqualified from the process.
  • Any updates will be communicated only through email.

When applying for a job, make sure you follow the instructions below.

  • It is not necessary to come in person or make a phone call, as contacts with applicants are made only by email. Non-paper application and CV are not required to be attached: Any text must be written in uppercase and lowercase. For example, Melaku Adam Feleke, Bank of Abyssinia, Human Resource Officer – It is forbidden to write an acronym and use “Special Characters” (/ * – @) unless the original title is abbreviated;

Click the link below to see Example on applying to the Bank. https://fa-enhf-saasfaprod1.fa.ocs.oraclecloud.com/hcmUI/CandidateExperience/en/sites/CX/pages/14001